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Did You Know Why coins thrown in rivers? & 25 Interesting Facts… That You Should Know.

Did You Know Why coins thrown in rivers? & 25 Interesting Facts... That You Should Know.

Did You Know Why coins thrown in rivers? & 25 Interesting Facts... That You Should Know.

Hey Every One Welcome To My Website. In This Article I am Gone To Explain Some Interesting Facts Like Why coins thrown in rivers? why there are two holes in the nose?

Did you know how Coca Cola is began:

John Pemberton, a drug manufacturer from Atlanta, prepared a medicine in 1880 by combining wine and coca for headaches and nervous problems. But in 1885 the government banned alcohol. So a solution (syrup) was made entirely of coca extract and carbonated water was used instead of wine. This became Coca-Cola. Now as a company, Rs. It has grown into a business empire worth hundreds of crores.

Why is gravel laid under the railway track?

These stones are called track ballast. Earlier there were wooden blocks in the middle of the railway track. Now concrete blocks are used. These are called slippers. Stones are laid to prevent slippers from happening. If the track is laid straight on the ground instead of on the rocks, the track will bend under the weight of the train. Also, when it rains, these stones are placed so that the water seeps into the ground immediately and plants do not grow around the track. The speed of some trains causes vibrations. This poses a risk of disturbance to neighboring residential complexes. So these gravel stones are useful to stop those sounds and vibrations.

Why Coins thrown in rivers?

In olden days they used to make coins out of copper. By throwing these copper coins into the river, the water in the river is purified. At that time many people drank the river water directly so this was very useful

Do you know why there are two holes in the nose?

The science lies in having two nostrils. Actually both the nostrils are for breathing air.. through one hole we can systematically breathe the air required by the body. Another pore filters the virus, bacteria and toxins in the air we breathe and provides clean air. That’s why if you put your finger at the nostrils, more air goes through only one nostril.

Did U Know

1. There is a rock named ‘Shaking Rock’ in the forest of Huelt in France. Scientists recently identified this seven meter long and 137 ton stone and found a surprising thing.. It does not require a muscular body to move this stone.. Even children can move it.

2. The Vishnu Sthambam (Iron Pillar) in Delhi was erected here by our ancient Indians 2,300 years ago. So far none of this Special coatings are not applied. So far it has not rusted. Scientists are doing research on this pillar.

3. There are so many varieties of apples that it would take more than 27 years to eat all of them.

4. According to Google’s calculations, 62 percent of the world’s Gmail users are Indians

5. Did you know Even the virus that makes us sick can be made sick by other viruses.

6. A stopped clock shows the correct time twice a day

7. The Eiffel Tower was built 83 years ago in Paris, France.

8. Research is being done on nanotechnology to prevent the tower from rusting.

9. The French government has spent a lot of money to prevent this tower from rusting.

10. Gorilla cannot swim

11. Italy and France produce almost 40 percent of wine

12. The first toothbrush was made in 1498

13. Giraffes do not cough

14. The most popular snack is chips

15. The first English dictionary was written in 1755

16. Snakes have only one respiratory tract

17. A mosquito flaps its wings a thousand times a second

18. Kiwis are the only bird species that have the ability to detect smell

19. The most expensive liquid in the world, 1 gallon (3.74 liters) of venom costs around 300 crores.

20. The Coca Cola we drink now was initially used as a tonic for headaches

21. A turtle can stay under water for more than six hours if it comes up while swimming and breathes once.

22. A giraffe sleeps only 30 minutes a day

23. Strange truth : A cockroach can live for a week without its head

24. When the camera was invented, I had to sit for 8 hours for a single photo

25. A pair of jeans to prepare 2900 Billions of water is required

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