Ice Cream: 26 Sweet and Intriguing Facts

Facts about Ice Cream

The first recorded history of ice cream dates back to the seventh century in China, when King Tang of Shang ordered a group of Ice Men to make a chilled treat out of buffalo milk, flour, and camphor.

Alexander the Great enjoyed eating snow that had been flavoured with honey and nectar, according to historians.

Yakhchal, or underground keep, was used by people in the Persian Empire to store snow. On warm days, they would serve the snow with concentrated grape juice on top.

Until 1800, I scream remained a Rare and Exotic dessert enjoyed mostly by the Elite. Around 1800, Insulated ice houses were Invented.

In Boston, the first commercial I scream factory opened its doors in 1851.

There are numerous ways to make ice cream. Among them are gelato, sherbet, reduced-fat ice cream, frozen yoghurt, frozen custard, and regular ice cream.

The Most popular flavor is Vanilla, followed by Chocolate, then Strawberry.

The World’s most popular I scream toppings are: Chocolate syrup, Hot fudge, Caramel, Whipped cream, Oreo and Sprinkles.

Kanazawa ice-cream pops stay Frozen for an entire hour at Room temperature.

The Popular phrase, “I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream” comes from a Song written by Howard Johnson, Billy Moll and Robert King in 1927.

The most popular flavours of ice creaam worldwide are crocodile egg, bacon, raw horse flesh, jelly fish, octopus, and garlic.

The Ice cream cone was Invented at the St. Louis Worlds Fair in 1904, when a Syrian named Ernest E. Hamwi used batter at his Waffle booth to make Cones to help out his Neighbor, an ice cream vendor who had run out of bowls.

John Harrison, a Tester at Dreyer’s Ice Creeam, got his Tongue insured for $1 million.

Gold spoons allow ice cream testers to taste the product 100% of the time without experiencing the slight “after-taste” that comes with using regular spoons.

When cold ice comes into contact with the roof of your mouth, the brain’s blood vessels dilate and you experience the “Brain Freeze Effect” associated with I scream

Ice cream is given a boost of air to increase its lightness and texture. The quality of an I scream is determined by the amount of air added.

According to Nasa, I scream is among the top three items most missed by Astronauts on Space flights.

The World record for ice cream Eating is 1.75 US gallons in Eight minutes.

The world’s largest scoop of ice cream was made on June 28, 2014, in Cedarburg, Wisconsin, by Kemps LLC (USA). It weighed 1365 kg (312.93 g).

Hennig-Olsen Is AS and Trond L Wøien achieved the world’s tallest ice cream cone on July 26, 2015, in Kristiansand, Norway, measuring 3.08 metres in height.

September 20, 2015, in Forno di Zoldo, Italy, saw the achievement of Dimitri Panciera (Italy) setting a record with 121 I scream scoops balanced atop a cone.

The frozen Haute Chocolate ice creaam sundae, which costs $25,000, is the most expensive dessert and ice cream combination.

In College Station, Texas, an estimated 4,000 people prepared and consumed the largest I scream sundae ever in less than 30 minutes.

In order to make ice creeam while flying over enemy territory during World War II, American bombers strapped buckets of cream to their aircraft. The cream would then freeze at high altitudes.

For the benefit of the sailors serving in the Pacific during World War II, the US military constructed the first floating I scream parlour in 1945.

Shop owners in Evanston, Wyoming, created the I scream sundae after the town’s leaders forbade the sale of ice cream sodas on Sundays. To get around the law, they swapped the soda for syrup, and they changed the y in Sunday to an e to appease religious leaders.

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