28 Incredible Tea’-Related Facts

It is legend that Chinese Emperor Shen-Nung discovered tea in 2737 B.C. When Tea’ leaves inadvertently blew into his pot of boiling water, he discovered the beverage.

There is an Estimated 1,500 different types of Tea.

China is the World’s Largest Producer of Tea. China produced 1,359,000 tonnes in 2009, with India coming in second with 979,000 tonnes.

It takes around 4 to 12 years for a Tea plant to produce Seed. It takes about Three years before a New plant is ready to Harvest.

Every type of tea is produced from Camellia sinensis leaves. Different processes are used to process tea leaves to create different types of tea.

There are 6 Basic Categories of Tea: White, Yellow, Green, Oolong, Black and Post-fermented.

Black tea is the Most common Tea beverage in the United States, the U.K. and Europe. Green tea is popular in Japan & China. Oolong and White tea are in General less popular.

About 75% of the tea consumed worldwide is black tea’

The Word Tea comes from the Chinese Te, which was the word in the Amoy dialect for the Plant from which Tea leaves came. In Mandarin, the word was cha, which is where the words char and Chai are derived from.

At $8,888 per couple, The Ritz Carlton in Hong Kong serves the most expensive high tea’ in the world.

Boodles jewelers made a Handcrafted diamond teabag worth $15,250. With 280 diamonds, it is the most expensive teabag in the world.

The most Expensive Tea in the world is a Rare Chinese tea called Tieguanyin, which is around $1,500/lb. The Tea is named after the Buddhist deity Guan Yin. It is an Oolong tea.

An uncommon pair of Chinese “Melon” teapots from the 18th century are the most expensive teapot in the world. $2.18 million was the sale price.

The Art of Reading tea’ leaves is called Tasseography.

When American Thomas Sullivan sent out samples in little silk pouches to customers in 1904, he unintentionally created the teabag. They added everything, including the Silk container, without realising they should have emptied the contents into the pot.

Though Drinking all of the Different types of Tea’ is considered to be Beneficial to one’s Health. It is Green tea that has the Best reputation as a Super food.

Tea consumption lowers the risk of a “caffeine crash” compared to coffee consumption.

As a diurectic, tea’ increases your urge to urinate.

Tea in England was originally an Expensive product that only the Elite could afford.

The Practice of putting Milk in First is to do with Social class, not Taste.

Actors who are required to drink whisky in a movie or television scene frequently substitute watered tea, which has the same appearance as whisky.

In Many parts of the World, Tea’ is an important part of the Day and an Expression of Hospitality.

In Morocco, It is the Man’s job to pour the Tea’. He holds the Long spouted pot high above the Glass while Pouring so that Each glass of tea has a slightly Frothy head to it.

In China, when the tea’ is being served, patrons express their gratitude to the server by tapping the table three times with two or three fingers.

The Tannins found in Greentea have been found to Help stop Bleeding by Coagulating the blood.

In terms of tea consumption per person, Britain is the second-largest nation. First is Ireland.

Lipton is the World’s Best-selling tea’ brand.
In the beginning, English coffee shops sold tea. Coffee shops were exclusively open to men. Finally, in 1717, the Twining family opened the Golden Lyon, a tea shop that allowed Women.

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