35 Amazing Facts for People Who Like Amazing Facts – Part 2

Some Mind Blowing Amazing facts about people

1. There’s a medical term for ice cream headaches.

Boy with Many Ice Cream Cones

Boy with Many Ice Cream Cones. / George Rinhart/GettyImages

It’s sphenopalatine ganglioneuralgia.

2. Dr. James Naismith invented basketball.

He is the only basketball coach for the Kansas Jayhawks to have a losing record, though.

3. The reason Wisconsin is known as the Badger State is that its lead miners used to hibernate in tunnels buried beneath the hills.

Just like badgers.

4. The Zapruder family received $16 million from the US government in 1999 for the JFK assassination film.

President Jack Kennedy

President John F. Kennedy. / Gerald French/GettyImages

The government was ordered to pay for the “unique historical item of unprecedented worth” by a federal arbitration panel.

5. Before he became president, Abraham Lincoln was wrestling champion of his county.

In almost 300 fights, he only suffered one defeat.

6. How many licks does a Tootsie Pop require to reach its centre? The world might never find out.

However, a Purdue-made licking machine required 364 on average.

7. It is against the law to have just one guinea pig in Switzerland.

They're social creatures.

They’re social creatures. / andresr/Getty Images

The law aims to prevent guinea pigs from getting lonely.

8. There are hundreds of senior playgrounds in Barcelona.

The areas are designed to help senior citizens fight loneliness and encourage physical activity.

9. Ronald Reagan received an offer to play Hill Valley’s mayor in Back to the Future III after he left office.

He turned it down.

10. One uncommon consequence of brain trauma is Foreign Accent Syndrome.

It occurs when patients have an accent while speaking in their original tongue.

11. Throughout her life, Queen Elizabeth II owned over thirty corgis.

Queen Elizabeth II, Elizabeth II

Queen Elizabeth II in Windsor Park. / Anwar Hussein/GettyImages

She had liked corgis since she was a young girl.

12. In the dog world, Chihuahuas have the largest brains in relation to their bodies.

They’re very easy to train.

13. There’s nothing mysterious about the “mystery” flavour of Dum Dums.

It’s a blend of the last of one candy batch and the start of another.

14. Amazing Facts: A banana is a berry.

A bounty of berries.

A bounty of berries. / acprints/Getty Images

strawberry, however, is not.

15. The frozen margarita machine was created in 1971 by Mariano Martinez, a man from Dallas.

The 26-year-old took inspiration from the 7-Eleven Slurpee machine.

16. A wild bloodhound by the name of Ludvine entered an Alabama half-marathon in 2016.

She finished in seventh place after running the full 13.1 miles.

17. Requests for books that aren’t actually published are frequently sent to the Library of Congress.

The most common is the President’s Book of Secrets, from the 2007 movie National Treasure: Book of Secrets.

18. Tinder connected its first user on the Antarctic continent in 2014.

Not surprisingly, both parties involved were research scientists.

19. Elephants will pat each other on the trunk and give little chirps to reassure each other when things are hard.

An African Safari

Elephants. / Cameron Spencer/GettyImages

Young elephants will also suck their trunks to comfort themselves.

20. When light is reflected twice within a raindrop, a double rainbow is created.

If you look closely, you can see that the colors of the secondary rainbow appear in reverse order.

21. Free Wi-Fi is available near the Nikola Tesla statue in Palo Alto.

It’s also a time capsule.

22. Finland hosts the World Championships for Mobile Phone Throwing.

One past winner said he prepared for the event by “mainly drinking.”

23. Marilyn Monroe once assured Charlie Morrison, the owner of a nightclub, that if he booked Ella Fitzgerald, she would always be in the front row.

She kept her word, and he agreed. Fitzgerald claimed, “I never had to play a small jazz club again after that.” She was a unique individual who was somewhat ahead of her time. And she was unaware of it.”

24. The Hollywood Walk of Fame features three stars honouring Frank Sinatra.

He has one each for music, movies, and television.

25. The BBC announced, “There is no news,” on a day in April 1930.

Instead they played piano music.

26. Continental plates drift as fast as fingernails grow.

They can travel as much as 20 millimeters per year.

27. “I Hate Elvis” badges were sold by Elvis Presley’s manager.

The performer used this unconventional method to profit from those who weren’t purchasing his goods.

28. In Denmark, LEGO maintains a temperature-controlled subterranean vault.

It contains every set they’ve ever made.

29. The eyes of a reindeer have seasonal colour changes.

They’re gold during the summer and blue in the winter.

30. An avocado on a tree never gets ripe.

Farmers can use trees as storage and keep avocados fresh for up to seven months.

31. Young volunteers at the Humane Society of Missouri read to nervous shelter dogs to help them feel better.

This also helps the animals become more socialized.

32. An extra is seen rushing with what looks to be an ice cream maker in the 1980 film The Empire Strikes Back.

After growing to legendary status among fans, the character received a name—Willrow Hood—and a backstory.

33. Salvador Dalí avoided paying restaurant tabs by using checks.

Aware that no one would ever purchase the artwork, Dalí would sketch on the back while the waiter observed.

34. All of the world’s giant pandas are owned by China.

Berlin Zoo To Present Panda Babies To The Public

Berlin Zoo To Present Panda Babies To The Public. / Maja Hitij/GettyImages

They rent them out for about $1 million a year.

35. Bob Ross produced a monochromatic landscape during the second season of The Joy of Painting.

Ross painted this in response to a viewer who was concerned that his colour blindness would make it impossible for him to paint.

36. In total, Standing at a formidable 6 feet tall and weighing 250 pounds, penguins were present 37 to 40 million years ago, according to bones discovered at Seymour Island.

These days, an emperor penguin weighs 100 pounds and stands 4 feet tall.


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