20 Interesting Facts About Human Body

I am Gone to tell you some Interesting facts about Human Body. That every one should Know. At least You know some basic Knowledge on your Body.

1. Do you know why there are two holes in the nose?

The science lies in having two nostrils. Actually both the nostrils are for breathing air.. through one hole we can systematically breathe the air required by the body. Another pore filters the virus, bacteria and toxins in the air we breathe and provides clean air. That’s why if you put your finger at the nostrils, more air goes through only one nostril.

2. Did you know!?

The navel is the dirtiest part of our body. About 1458 types of bacteria are found in it.

Facts About Human Body
20 Interesting Facts About Human Body

3. How much blood is there in the human body?

About 7% of the body weight of a healthy human being is blood. In this way, a healthy person whose weight is 70-80 kg has about 5 to 5.5 liters of blood in his body.

4. The heartbeat of a newly born child is the fastest (70-160 beats/min) and in old age the heartbeat is the slowest (30-40 beats/min).

5. The blood in our veins runs at a speed of 400 kilometers per hour and covers a distance of about 9600km in a whole day.

6. Our kidneys filter our blood 400 times at a time.

7. You will be surprised to know that the human skull is made up of 29 types of bones.

8. Our brain has more capacity to remember bad memories than good memories.

9. do you know? In a given day, we have 70,000 thoughts come to our mind in a day and 70% of these thoughts are negative.

Facts About Human Body
20 Interesting Facts About Human Body

10. An average human eye weighs is approximately 7.5 grams.

11. The length of blood vessels of an adult human being is approximately 100,000 miles, these vessels can wrap around the earth four times.

12. Sperm is stored in liquid nitrogen in the semen bank at a temperature of –196°C.

13. Sperm production never stops in men. In women, the process of egg production stops after a certain age, but in men, the process of sperm production continues throughout life. Sperm count starts decreasing in men with increasing age.

14. The speed of semen coming out of a man’s penis is 36.9 kilometers per hour, which is enough to break Usain Bolt’s 100 meter record.

15. Kicking a man’s testicles [nuts] causes 9000 del of pain which is equivalent to giving birth to 132 children or breaking 3200 bones simultaneously. Have you ever felt this pain??

Facts About Human Body Parts that are alive even after death!?

Eyes – 31 minutes

Brain – 10 minutes

Legs – 4 minutes

Skin- 5 days

Heart – 10 minutes

Ears – 10 minutes

Bones – 30 days

Sneham – 7 births

16. Women can give birth even after death, this is called ‘coffin birth’. In this process, after the death of a pregnant woman, the gas produced in the body pushes the child out of the mother’s womb.

18. Children do strange things in their mother’s womb:

You can’t predict in advance what you’ll see at your next ultrasound. In the ultrasound you will see that the little baby is sometimes sucking the thumb, shaking hands, nodding the head etc. If there are twins then they are holding each other’s hands or kicking each other etc. So this is common. There is nothing to worry about.

19. There are only 4 percent people in the world whose navel is protruding outwards. The remaining 96 percent people have their navel facing inwards. A protruding navel occurs when doctors are unable to tie the umbilical cord properly.

20. When any organ of a pregnant woman gets damaged, the baby in her womb sends its cells to repair that organ. What a sacred relationship!!

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