17 Historical Mystic Temples In India : Strange Temples.. Endless Secrets!

Our country is home to many historical Mystic temples. We have an ancient heritage like nowhere else in the world. We all know a lot about the history and features of many temples. But… still there are many unsolved mysteries in some temples. Let’s find out why.

We all… from Kanchi… to Kashmir… go to many temples. But… there are many secrets behind those temples. Research is going on to solve those mysteries. In this world… we are a nation of Bhakti-Bhav Prapattas. A holy land where 64 crore gods and goddesses walk. That’s why… every street has a temple. But… not all shells are the same. Some are varied and surprising.

Some of the history is unbelievable. If we know the features of these temples, it seems that there are actually such temples in our country. If there are some other villages… we will turn our noses up to see the rituals and traditions that happen in them. If all these are one height… the ancient temples with a history of more than Two millennia (2000) years… is not all this. And let’s know about those temples in a simple way. Let’s get to know the various secrets in them and be surprised for a while. If it is possible, visiting those temples will allow for the analysis of those secrets.

Historical Mystic Temples List

  1. Mahendipur Balaji Mandir, (Rajasthan)
  2. Kodungallur Bhagavathy Mandir, (Kerala)
  3. Stambheshwar Mahadev Mandir, (Gujarat)
  4. Tirumala Mandir, (Andhra Pradesh)
  5. Brahma Mandir, Pushkar, (Rajasthan)
  6. Rat Mandir, (Rajasthan)
  7. China Kali Mandir, (Kolkata)
  8. Kadu Malleshwara Mandir, (Bangalore)
  9. Hadimba Mandir, Manali, (Himachal Pradesh)
  10. Brihadeeswara Mandir, (Tamil Nadu)
  11. Buddha Neelakanta Mandir Kathmandu, (Nepal)
  12. Bullet Deity Mandir, (Rajasthan)
  13. Hazrat Qamar Ali Darvesh, (Maharashtra)
  14. Nidhi Van Mandir, (Uttar Pradesh)
  15. Jwala devi Mandir, (Himachal Pradesh)
  16. Veerabhadra Mandir, (Andhra Pradesh)
  17. Kal Bhairav Nath Mandir, (Varanasi)

Mahendipur Balaji Mandir In Rajasthan

If you ask the people of Rajasthan what to do to get rid of ghosts, ghosts ghouls and sorcery… the answer they give… is to visit the Mahendipur Balaji Temple. This temple is located in Dausa district. Thousands of devotees go there every day. The devotion they show…is unbearable. Some people pour boiling water on their feces. Others are hanged.

Others… tie them with chains… bang their heads against the wall. All this because… they are referred to as demons to depart. Perhaps this is the only temple in the country where priests can do such things. Prasad is not given here. When leaving the temple… don’t look back. If you look at it like that manner… it’s like calling the devils to come inside them. Whether it is true or not…whose beliefs are theirs.

Kodungallur Bhagavathy Mandir In Kerala

Usually we glorify God. If you go to this temple, you have to curse. This is the specialty of Kodungallur Bhagavathy Temple in Kerala. Every year 7 days long festival is held here. At that time, the devotees… are stabbed with knives. They attack the head. Blood flows like a stream. They also go to Gullo. Goddess Bhadrakali is cursed.

Not only cursing but also cursing in the form of devotional songs. It does not end there. Rocks are thrown on the temple while swaying as if full moon had arrived. The temple is getting damaged due to stone pelting every year. Here there are no pooja-kainkaryas, coconut beatings etc. After 7 days of festivities… the temple is closed for a week. At that time… the blood stains are cleaned.

Stambheshwar Mahadev Mandir In Gujarat

Want to visit a temple that disappears and reappears every now and then? So…Visit the Stambleswar Mahadev Temple in Vadodara, Gujarat. The temple is located in the coastal waters of the Arabian Sea. Devotees strongly believe that Ishwar here… has mercy on those who dare to approach him. This temple can be visited only when the intensity of sea waves is low. When big waves come in… it gets completely submerged. It reappears after a few hours. This particularity has made this temple a famous temple.

Tirumala Mandir In Andhra Pradesh

Our Telugu Tirumala Temple is also unique. Pujas and devotees’ devotion are all a height. Hair wealth is another height. Every day, 60 thousand people pay prayers in the form of talanilas in this temple. Hence hundreds of tons of hair is lost every year. If it is sold in e-auction… TTD is getting more than 300 crores. After hundi revenue in Tirumala, the highest revenue comes from this hair. From TTD… this hair is going abroad. Mostly exported to America, Italy and China. Wig companies there are making wigs with this hair. Along with wigs in China, hair is also used to store food. Wigs are being made for Bollywood stars who are going to Mumbai in our country.

Brahma Mandir, Pushkar In Rajasthan

According to Hindu mythology… there is only one temple for Brahma, one of the trinity… in the whole world. The Brahma Temple in…Pushkar, Rajasthan… It was built in the fourteenth century AD. History tells us that many Hindu temples were destroyed when Aurangzeb… ruled our country. Temples especially in Pushkar were completely damaged. But… the Brahma temple is intact. It is remarkable that none of Aurangzeb’s followers touched it. The inner walls of the temple carved out of marble are decorated with silver coins collected from the donations of devotees. Devotees say that the atmosphere around this temple is pleasant.

Rat Mandir In Rajasthan

Rajasthan… 30 km away from Bikanur is a picturesque temple. Same… Karni Mata Temple in Deshnak. The special thing here is… Rats are worshipped. Devotees here look after Karni Mata, who is the counterpart of Goddess Durga… in rats. That’s why in this temple…rats roam freely. Devotees give them milk and other prasads. Tourists visiting Bikanor…must visit this temple. Because… worshiping rats is a rare thing. Many people take videos of them. Milking… Round and dumb… Rats… Drinking milk… Those scenes are captured on mobile cameras.

China Kali Mandir In Kolkata

There is a Chinatown in Tangra, Kolkata. The reason why it got that name… Most of the people there were Chinese. They… worship Goddess Kali. Hence… this temple got the name of Chinese Kali Mata Temple. If we… we will put any pulihoro or sweet as an offering to Amma. The Chinese… add noodles and chopsui. That is the specialty of this temple. There are Chinese people all around that temple. But they follow all Indian traditions in that temple. In other words, they act like Chinese and Indians.

Kadu Malleshwara Mandir In Bangalore

Kadu Malleswaraswamy Temple in Bangalore is impressive with its uniqueness. In 1997, a Nandi was unearthed during excavations as part of the reconstruction works of this temple. It was surprising to see water flowing from its mouth. On further digging…a pool of water also came out. Since then… the outline of the temple has been changed. Arrangements were made so that the water coming from Nandi’s mouth… fell on the Shivlingam… and flowed. But… it is not known from where the water comes into the Nandi statue. Locals believe that this water is the living water of Vishabhavati river here.

Hadimba Mandir, Manali In Himachal Pradesh

In snowy Manali… a special temple is this Hadimba Temple. This 4-storied temple is special in the shape of a pagoda. Anywhere around here… for that matter… It is uncommon to find such temples are rare in our country. This is an style of pagoda architecture found in East Asian countries… can be seen here. This temple has Hadimba Devi Koluvudiri. She is the younger sister of the demon Hadimba. The Kullu kings… used to worship Goddess Hadimba. But… more than Ammavari… this temple has got a special identity because of its architectural style.

Brihadeeswara Mandir In Tamil Nadu:

Brihadeeswaralayam in Thanjavur, Tamil Nadu… owns the wonderful artistic skill. Most of this temple… is built of pure granite. This is a challenge for scientists. Because… there are no granite deposits or monuments around 60 kilometers around this temple. Where was the granite brought from to build this temple some thousand years ago? How did you get it? That is surprising. In particular, the dome is made of a single stone weighing 80 tons. Without any cranes…how that huge rock could be raised to such a height remains an unsolved mystery.

Buddha Neelakanta Mandir Kathmandu In Nepal

This is the Buddha Nilakantha Temple…. refers though Buddha is in the name…actually it is the temple of Maha Vishnu. Buddha Nilakantha means…an ancient blue colored statue. It is located in the Kathmandu valley of Nepal. In this temple, Lord Vishnu, one of the three idols, appears to us in the form of Shayana Murthy on top of Adisesha. The idol of Lord Vishnu here is carved in a 5 meter long rock.

Naturally, we see Vishnu reclining on one side as a sleeping figure. But here Swami… is lying down like a blanket and looking at Ningi. Another special thing is that this huge statue floats in the water. Apart from the devotees, this statue is attracting the researchers as well. According to a study conducted in 1957, it has been floating in the water for 1300 years. If the devotees believed all this as divine power, the researchers could not give a scientific reason.

Bullet Deity Mandir In Rajasthan

In our country it is natural to worship idols, cows, trees and monkeys. Have we ever seen a bullet treated like a god? That strange temple…is located in Jodhpur, Rajasthan. Devotees worship the Royal Enfield Bullet here. Liquor is offered as an oblation. If this is done, these villagers believe that God will protect them from road accidents. There is an incredible story behind it. Banna, who rode this bike… died in a road accident at the place where this temple is located.

The police took the bike and kept it in the station. But… at dawn… this bike… was seen again at the place where the accident happened. The shocked police… took the bike away again… this time chained it. But that’s it… next day… this bike… is at the place where the accident happened. As this happened many times…the police got fed up…they left it here. People worshiped this bike… Bullet Baba built a temple.

Hazrat Qamar Ali Darvesh In Maharashtra

Another feature that science could not explain… a rock. That stone is in Hazrat Qamar Ali Darvesh Dargah in Shivpuri, Maharashtra. The Dargah is located 16 km away from Mumbai…on the outskirts of Pune. There is nothing special about it… but the stone there has received world recognition.

The reason… is the endless mystery associated with it. Holding that 90 kg stone on one side and lifting it is like nobody’s business. The same 11 people together…mute around…if you lift it with your index fingers…it will rise easily. Scientists could not say why. Locals believe that this is happening because of the boon given by the saint.

Nidhi Van Mandir In Uttar Pradesh

It doesn’t matter if you believe some things or not. It’s like that. Nidhivanam Ranga Mahal Temple is located in Bridavan in Uttar Pradesh. Locals believe that Radhakrishna comes to this temple at night and plays rasalilas. That’s why… this temple is closed after sunset. No one is allowed inside the temple premises.

There is a News circulating that anyone who enters the temple at night time … they will either die or lose their sight, speech & hearing. The trees in the shade… twist and turn… into pictorial shapes. Even though the ground here is dry… these trees are full of greenery throughout the year. Naturally, this place is surprising to those who have seen it. Till now no one is allowed to enter the temple at night. So…the treasure remained a mystery. Bollywood horror movies have also come out on this

Jwala devi Mandir In Himachal Pradesh

Jwala Devi temple is located in Kangra district of Himachal Pradesh. This is the temple of Sati Devi, wife of Lord Shiva. The surprising thing here is that the flame in the temple premises has been burning for hundreds of years. It burns without fuel or oil. There is a story behind this. After Sati Devi’s father… rejected Shiva… Sati Devi committed suicide. Lord Vishnu cut her body into 51 pieces…they fell in different parts of the earth. Locals believe that the tongue of Goddess Sati…falls here…and it lights up like a flame. Many rational organizations have tried to solve this mystery.

Veerabhadra Temple In Andhra Pradesh

The mystery list now includes the Veerabhadra Swamy Temple in Lepakshi Kshetra, in the Anantapur district of Andhra Pradesh. Lepakshi Temple is named after its amazing architectural ingenuity. But… the hanging pole here is attracting more tourists. There are 70 pillars in this temple. This one in the premises is surprising everyone with 80 percent hanging in the air. To prove this, many people are throwing cloth from under it. Without any support above… touching the ground only 20 percent… how such a big pillar can stand without falling… has become a mystery.

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